Member spotlight: Nedra Hains

Nedra Hains has been a longtime supporter of both the arts in Baton Rouge and the role the LSU Museum of Art plays in our community. Below, she illustrates what's at the core of the museum's mission—making a difference in the the lives of our fellow community members through the arts—and the impact she sees as patron and board chair. 


Why did you initially begin supporting the museum?
I initially supported the LSU Museum of Art and later joined the Friends of the LSU MOA Board because it was a space my young son and I could enjoy together and connect. Now that my son is 15, the art conversations are still going. Regardless of age or gender, the museum provides us a space think about and talk about what art is: life. 

What was the decision behind serving as a member of the Friends of the LSU Museum of Art?
I decided to serve as a board member of the Friends of the LSU MOA because of the work they do with public school children and art. Exposure to art, learning about creating things we care about, profoundly affects children. Being able to enter into the world of another and empathizing or motivating children to offer the best of themselves is a priceless lesson the museum provides. 

What is your favorite thing about the serving on the museum’s Friends board?
The museum offers children and adults the opportunity to see the soul of someone else in a work of art (their focus) and appreciate its beauty (our focus). Children recognize and react to this, as does the part of me that needs to be nurtured. The museum affords a transformative experience everyday. Being on the board gives me the satisfaction that I know I am helping provide these experiences.    

How would you like to see the museum grow in the next five years?
LSU MOA is art in action: connections, empathy, motivation, and focus. I would like to see the museum grow the education program and also reach more young adults and get them excited and involved in providing these same kinds of experiences for our community.

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