Inspired by Carrie Mae Weems

By Justin Tyler Bryant and Christopher Burns

Artists and recent LSU alums Justin Tyler Bryant and Christopher Burns set out to create a body of images as a shared response to Carrie Mae Weems' exhibition, Carrie Mae Weems: The Usual Suspects, at the LSU Museum of Art. The images are in conversation with Weems’ work and are expressions that invoke an active engagement with past and present histories. 

The photographs include Bryant’s physical presence as a subject upon the Louisiana landscape. The images, produced by Burns, were taken at an antebellum plantation home, Southern University, the town where the Port Hudson siege was fought, the Triple S convenience store where Alton Sterling was killed by police, and the swamps of the Atchafalaya River Basin, and the Louisiana State Capitol constructed by Huey P. Long. 

5 Baton Rouge Substation(.jpg
6 Baton Rouge Substation.jpg
7 AAA Convenience(.jpg
9 Atchafalaya.jpg
11 Near Jackson, LA.jpg
14 Nottaway Plantation.jpg

See additional responses to Carrie Mae Weems: The Usual Suspects on view in the Young Artists gallery at the museum and during the September 20th Third Thursday where we will release a student-produced zine with work from current LSU students and recent grads.