The LSU Museum of Art presents ArtWorks, an innovative Museum/school-based arts program that provides students and teachers a free, creative, integrated arts initiative at the LSU Museum of Art. 

ArtWorks differs from a field trip as it is based on a multi-visit, yearlong model, which tracks students’ learning, social and emotional progress as they move up through elementary school. Each visit throughout the school year is designed around themes related to art concepts or exhibitions on view in the Museum. 

Visits can also be tailored to support the curricular needs of different grades/teachers/classes. As schools embrace the Common Core State Standards, teachers must seek new creative ways to present their curricula. One area in which museums excel is in the presentation of rich primary-source material to serve as entry points for material, inspiring students and providing opportunities to explore ideas and concepts across different subject areas.

The Museum environment supports new ways of teaching visual, verbal, and literacy skills; encourages positive risk-taking through creative expression; supports a variety of different learning styles and abilities; hones essential critical thinking practices; and fosters the joy of learning through art.

Interested in having your school participate in ArtWorks? Contact Museum Educator Grant Benoit for more information at or 225-389-7207.


If you or your organization would like to help ensure the program's continued success, please visit


Bernard Terrace Elementary

Capitol Elementary

Eden Park Elementary

White Hills Elementary