In 2012, the LSU Museum of Art developed the Neighborhood Arts Project, or NAP, a free art outreach program for under-resourced areas with a high density of children, youth and families, who do not attend summer camps or participate in afterschool or weekend programs.

Working outside under pop-up tents, the NAP’s impact is immediate. All ages can access the program easily without having to rely on transportation or pay a fee. The variety of art activities encourages creative expression through experiential exploration, establishing a foundation for life-long learning and a platform for exploring a broad spectrum of opportunities that are not typically available to children living below the poverty line.

Throughout the 9-week program in June and July,18 instructors conducted over 40 sessions at six separate sites that span five neighborhoods—Eden Park, Gardere, Melrose East, Old South, and Scotlandville. From 2015-2016, the summer program and the year-long program at Gardere have provided a combined total of approximately 5,200 learning experiences for Baton Rouge youth. 


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