Upcoming Exhibitions

Carrie Mae Weems: The Usual Suspects

 April 12–October 14, 2018 

  All the Boys , courtesy of the artist

All the Boys, courtesy of the artist

In collaboration with the LSU School of Art, Carrie Mae Weems: The Usual Suspects includes recent photographic and video works questioning stereotypes that associate black bodies with criminality. Images from the All the Boys and The Usual Suspectsseries implicate these stereotypes in the deaths of black men and women at the hands of police, and confront the viewer with the fact of judicial inaction. Blocks of color obscuring faces point to the constructed nature of our notions of race and how these imagined concepts obscure humanity—here with very real and deadly outcomes. People of a Darker Hue, a meditative compilation of video, found footage, narration, and performance commemorates these deaths.

Weems will deliver a formal lecture at the LSU School of Art as part of her visiting artist position as the Nadine Carter Russell Chair on April 11, 2018 and will lead a gallery tour at the exhibition opening April 12, 2018. 

Confluence by Jerry Uelsmann

July 12–October 14, 2018

While the aesthetics of these artworks align with Uelsmann’s esteemed and unique imagery, the black and white analog photographs provoke an entirely new conversation, one inspired by an unlikely friendship with art historical scholar, Moa Petersen, Ph.D. Dealing with the themes of love and loss, inner-strength, and self-love, this exhibition provides an intimate view of Uelsmann. Curated by Executive Director Daniel E. Stetson.

Collection Spotlight: Angela Gregory

July 12–October 14, 2018

Malcolm McClay: Swimming to Inishkeel

November 1, 2018–February 10, 2019